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We provide a wide range of Unique service. From management  consultations services  to Executive Protection 

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Stay tuned for one of the hottest summers in California History. If your in town feel free to stop by and say Hi . All are welcome and the music is free. 1 love

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WestCoast Music Records was created to time capsule the  Artist that have a pure desire to be heard. Weather underground or mainstream we represent and recognize talent.

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Free gifts for all donations of any size  to the 1st Annual

WestCoast Music Records.Com

 New Years Day Film, Music & Comedy Awards Gala

New Release: LiL Martin


LiL Martin has; " Whooped Them To The Socks"

Titled release of his 2019 Debut

" Whooped Them To The Socks" has revived the Turn Up!

LiL Martin; known to pull up to the Grimmiest kick backs just to rock the mic, and has even showed up at Birthdays



CEO- Born and Raised in Compton

Life is too short for anyone to stand in your way.

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